Open Kimono

Chicken Ovaries

Chicken Ovaries

There is a phrase that one of my former bosses used to use. He would say, “Look, open kimono here, but we just don’t have the budget or the resources to do that.”

“Open Kimono,” is a great phrase. I love it. Not only does it create a visceral mental image but it has a streak of humor I personally appreciate.

Bruce Watson from has a cringe inducingly boring article about the usage of, “open kimono” in the business world. That’s not to say Bruce is a bad writer. He’s not, the subject sucks.

Here on An Easy Distance, “open kimono” is a reference to us sharing literally everything we think that might be useful, funny, heart warming, sad, crappy, effervescent?, or woefully interesting about living in Japan as gai-jin. You can check out Surviving Japan, Japan-Guide or Gaijinpot for How-to’s and drab colorless advice. If you want to have an interesting read with some useful information, look no further than us opening our collective kimono for you.IMG_1986

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