Love and Travel

Trying not to look sweaty

Hi. I’m Andrew


Hi. I’m Shana… Why do you get to go first?
That’s sexist.

*shrugs – looks guilty*

Are you in the middle of a drop down, drag out hissy fit over something out of your control?

Did your girlfriend seriously just do that?

Did he not think to check ahead of time and then sped forward into the unknown?

I can’t believe you just paid for that! OH HELL NO! YOU DID NOT JUST BUY A POUND OF HASH ON OUR HONEYMOON!

This may sound familiar. Or crazy. Sort of depends on whether or not you were the one that bought the hash, I suppose.

Andrew and I have never done illegal drugs together, let alone try to buy them in a foreign country. I actually can’t imagine a worse place to start using drugs, I mean have you seen “Brokedown Palace”? No thanks!

Surprise! Travel can be stressful.


If anyone has ever told you about their perfect, stress-free travel experience, ignore them. They are lying or didn’t really go anywhere. 

Maybe not if you spent some time on a cruise ship or behind the high walls of some resort complex away from the reality of the 3rd world country they chose to vacation in

There is no such thing as hassle-free travel, and who would want it that way? No true adventurer…

Shana and I like to consider our selves true adventurers. Maybe a little on the green side, but adventurers nonetheless. We think that one of the most interesting elements to travel is the couple’s dynamic. We are clearly not the first people to think this, nor the last.

Us with the view

We want to talk about the couple’s dynamic a little differently: from two or more perspectives for any story.

Or more? Is there someone else in this marriage I don’t know about?

Ultimately the biggest thing missing from a Rough Guide, Trip Advisor forum or ‘How to’ blogs is the actual adventure itself. Plus reading a Lonely Planet is about as engrossing as the CDC’s report on mold and how it affects the human respiratory tract. (WHICH I’VE READ).

I like to imagine myself as a poor man’s Anthony Bourdain, without the seedy past, and I brought my wife, and I don’t have multiple bestsellers, and I’m not a good cook.

I guess similes are not Andrew’s strong suit…

Shana on the other hand, is quiet and reserved, …(I’m actually neither of these things, Andrew just tends to talk so much that there’s no time left for me to speak). … a great cook and generally along for the ride unless there is alcohol involved; then her laugh can be heard from space. And probably some swearing too.

IMG_1396We do split duties on travel. Shana is the R&D department, covering etiquette, places to go, and things to do when we get there. I run a shoddy operations division with tickets, bookings, navigation and getting extremely sidetracked on the internets.

With all that in mind… Why should you listen to us? Shana reminded me that we ought to have a good reason as to why anyone should listen to us. I still haven’t thought of a good reason, but here are some not so good ones if you are so inclined:

1) If you are entertained by misfortune, bad luck, sour grapes and general schadenfreude, you will enjoy the hell out of our writing. Keeping in mind that if Shakespeare can make up words, so can I. Maybe you really like the word schadenfreude… Me too. 

There he goes again, comparing himself to great authors…

DSCF33112) If you want to find out what it’s really like to go somewhere without wading through the sewer water of online comment forums then take a glance at some of the places we’ve traveled. We’ll keep adding as we go…or as long as Shana continues to tolerate my non-sense.

3) We are a happy couple, I have only made Shana cry like 2 or 3 times. One time she slapped me, completely unexpectedly, TWICE!

haha Oh yeah, I always forget about that, but he had it coming.

If that’s your boat, then climb aboard this multi-faceted retelling of some crazy experiences from our travels.

It’s really the experiences that are crazy, not us!

The one promise I can make is this; we won’t make anything up.

Start Here!
1) How to travel with your lover… 
2) One night in Bangkok
3) We’re not lost… – Lastithi and Peza
4) Express yourself – The Tokyo Subway
5) Sink or Swim – Koh Phi Phi
6) Broken Sunglasses – Coming Soon.
7) Your’s Truly, Overwhelmed – Coming Soon.
8) The Early Train to Verona – Coming Soon.

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