Cooking in the Shower

I love to cook.

Cooking in the showerMoving to a foreign country hasn’t changed that. I also love to eat out, but moving to a foreign country has put a damper on that for two reasons: one, I need to save as much money as possible and two, I can’t speak Japanese and I find interacting with the wait staff exclusively in gestures a bit stressful. So I have been cooking nearly everyday and have some insights and tips I’d like to share from my various experiments and learning experiences. This will be like a blog within a blog (blog-ception) specifically pertaining to cooking, so check back under the category “Cooking in the Shower” regularly for new tips and recipes.

Future posts you can look forward to will discuss necessities for your Japanese kitchen, helpful tools and where to find them, grocery store navigation and ingredient advice, as well as recipes specifically tailored for one person with a tiny kitchen or shower depending on what direction you are facing in my apartment. If you are currently living in Japan, hopefully this will help and inspire your culinary life.

For those of you not in Japan, your local Asian market is a treasure trove of exotic ingredients, as well as every day staples that are usually cheaper than your typical grocery store. You might be inspired to shop at your Asian grocer more often, or get a kick out of my culinary adventures. Plus a ton of fresh seafood you would never find at Safeway. If you haven’t ventured into your town’s wonderful Asian grocery, hopefully these posts will convince you to give one a visit. Once you do, I think you will be hooked.

いただきます (itadakimasu – I humbly receive)

Here are all the recipes and kitchen advice for “Cooking in the Shower.”

If you just want to torture yourself by looking at pictures of delicious food…

shana cookingRecipes:

Yakisoba Deluxe
Imoni & Nabe

Mapo Dofu

Five Minute Miso Shiru
Coconut Curry Beef Soba
U.F.S – Unidentified Fish Sandwich
Lettuce Wraps without going to PF Cheng’s
Rockin’ Peach Salad
Japanese Curry
Zaru Soba – “Soba”rashi
Ramen: Your New Best Friend
Octopus Carpaccio
5 minute Miso Soup
Miso Butter


Why am I “Cooking in the shower?”
So grossed out – Dealing with mold
Everything but the kitchen sink – What to shop for in a Japanese kitchen
Adventures in the Japanese import store – Importing Happiness

P.S. – I don’t really cook in the shower… but its not too far from the truth…

No seriously

No seriously

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