Sprose – An Introduction

Sprose, Sproetry, Sploetry, Poams Proams… I literally struggled for 10 whole minutes on Sprose. I think this is roughly 100,000,000 times longer than anyone normally looks at spam in their inbox unless they are daft or equally illiterate.

Spam is an interesting phenomenon and every time we see spam, particularly the less inventive ones like, “FREE MICAKEAL KORS AIRJORDAN PRESCRIPTION OXYCODONE HERE NOW NO SIGGNNN UP NEEDED, ANALpr0n – LOL my best friendf s Credit Card NO interest 3.0%E´@™ Johnny Depp PLEASE SEND YOUR ACCOUTN # 🙂 🙂 L)( FOR REBATEE…,” in my comment inbox we wonder,

“Does this actually work on ANYONE?”

With that in mind we here at Easy Distance though we should share some of these comments as Sprose in our new comedy project. It’s frankly unrelated to anything else other than blowing off some steam.

We get a lot of spam. More spam that site views if you can believe that. Hundreds of thousands of poorly typed barely English words in the comments section of our blog that are somehow supposed to fool us into thinking a real person left us a message.

However the artistic audacity that spam uses the English language with, isn’t something to just be deleted. We think, simply throwing away spam is a tragedy almost as terrible as spam’s butchering of the English language to begin with. We want to provide the spam we get the proper ridicule it deserves. We will do this through dramatic and often sarcastic readings.

Here is the first salvo from “testimonythedvd.com”

Also, apologies to Spam™ for being synonymous with annoyance and poorly typed e-mails.


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