A massive link pile-up 1/24/2014 – 2/7/2014

This is Chopper Dave in the News 5 UltraJet Copter for Channel 5 News. We’ve got a massive link pile up over there on Easydistance.com… its going to add a good solid 10 to 15 minutes extra to your browsing time today. As always, browse with the Ad Blocker on, your eye in the sky with web traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the 5, back to you Anchor Dave, HEYOOOO!

Thanks, Chopper Dave. These last two weeks have been chock full of awesome travel, ESL, humor and cooking stuff and we’ve spilled it everywhere in the gigantic car crash of internets below. Hooray!



We are in Sapporo, Hokkaido for Yuki Matsuri (the Snow Festival). We took  a ferry, overnight into the dark, cold waters of the Pacific… Stalk us at the snow festival by tweeting, instagramming, tumblring, and facebooking, there will be NO PRIVACY.

On snowboarding, I visited Zao Eboshi and you can read about it! My recap of a day and a half at Niseko United is coming soon.Zao Eboshi

Japan Travel published a photo story of Fukuurajima, featuring some of my photography, a recap of Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight, a fantastic campground in Minamisanriku and a look at Sendai’s local ramen chain.

Follow @TheTravelLiz on twitter through her Tokyo adventures and beyond.

Not Japan

Asia –
South Korea: Easy Distance added an awesome South Korean side trip to the Atlas Obscura. You can read a more personal adventure here on Easy Distance and find out what it’s like to carry a hot bag of vomit through a 600 year old traditional village.

Thailand: The battle for Thailand’s soul – A great but depressing read from BBC News

Africa –
Zambia: My cousin Shou (who is an excellent artist I might add) is keeping a travel blog of his time Africa. Why don’t you pay his site a visit?

South Africa: The Travel Dudes give you info you need to kiss a great white shark… honestly for me, there are too many fish in the sea.

Europe –
Germany: Easy Distance wrote an article about the Green Vault on Atlas Obscura, a must see collection of royal weirdness in Dresden, Germany.

England: If  you are a fan of Sherlock, check out the Sherlock trail here “On the Luce”

South America –
Chile: Have a look at the best view in Santiago from TheWorldWanderer.net

englishESL teaching

In the last two weeks we published a 3 pieces of a 4 part in depth look at the decisions and realities of being a teacher in Japan. You can read through the series here.
Part 1 – ALT vs Eikaiwa: Epic Life Decision Battle
Part 2 – The Reality of being an ALT
Part 3 – ALT vs JET-ALT: The Battle Continues
Part 4 – A day in the life, a humorous retelling of a day as ALT (Coming Soon!)

As an ESL teachers we are constantly reviewing our own grammar and knowledge of English. I find myself on Grammar Monster quite a bit. Here is a great little blog about teaching in China, AnIrishExplorer.

nabeCooking in the shower

Nabe, ALL THE NABES. Nabe is the dish of February… winter. You can read our recipes on Cooking the shower and find out, why exactly, do we cook there…

Humor and Cool Stuff

There were a ton of Super Bowl commercials floating around the twitter and facebooks but the US of A has nothing on Japan. Check out some these crazy ads from Japanese television.

Kogelmann - BackflipSoulryders are showing trailers for their Movie, “Lines of Control.”  My friend Mark Kogelmann is one of the guys from SoulRyders, these guys are savage, take a look.

Here are some style ideas for dudes on our Suit Up board.

Have a listen and read this awesome story about the recently passed Pete Seeger from AudioGrapher

Last but not least, DefendersNW is starting another rebuild project. Check out their twitter feed and their web store.

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