Linkstravaganza: 1/1/2014 – 1/24/2014

In 2014, Easy Distance will bring you the most interesting things we came across out there in the dangerous wilderness of the internets. This is our inaugural link collection post so it covers the first three weeks of January and is really, really, long. After this it will be on a regular schedule of every other week.

*puts on sunglasses*

Deal with it.

January 1st to January 24th 2014



Earth Camp has an event coming up Feb 8th and 9th.  You can read about my Earth Camp experience on Japan Travel here. Featured in many Earth Camp tours is the out of this world onsen at Hotel Kanyo.

Easy Distance brought you write ups of Hakuba 47 & Goryu and Happo-one this month.
Japan Travel has a write up of Happo-one as well and here is a great top 5 Japanese winter resorts list from Rocket News.Hakuba Panorama

Muza-chan published this delightful story of samurai romance in Kyoto.

Easy Distance also added Yamadera to the Atlas Obscura in January. A true must see if you visit Tohoku.

Not Japan

Andaman seaRead this harrowing tale of environmental ignorance from our Love and Travel series
Sink or Swim…

South America
Benjamin Trotter completed his trip through South America in December, check out his travel writing here.

Nicaragua: Take a dungeon tour with Jennette and Doug from JD Expats

North America
California: Go postal in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

France: Check out the ante chamber to the guillotine and place where Van Gogh painted his most renown work from the Atlas Obscura.

Check out our Pintrest, too: Been There, Done That.


ISPYEasy Distance’s Lessons Learned this month featured the game BLOCK! It’s like Scattergories but with less gore… you don’t play with swords then? Oh, this is awkward.

Cornish Kylie lets us in on a lesson with Onoma… onomatonope… hmmm BANG… WOOF WOOF! What was that!? *mumble mumble*, Thailand.

An interesting read from the opinion column of Japan Times regarding the drawbacks of teaching for a large conversation school in Japan. Can’t say I disagree…


Mapo dofuMapo dofu is Cooking in the shower’s dish of the month.
Check out the recipe for some other mapo dofu links!

Also if you’re looking for a good pasta salad, I’ve been making this one a lot!

Humor & Cool Stuff

Man this looks so sick. Sorry to bro out for a second but this video looks awesome.
Trailer for Lines of Control and Epic TV skiing adventure Kashmir

From Rocket News, a write up on a single’s kotatsu… major frownies. has an interesting and mouth watering look at Japanese culture… via sandwich?

There is always the Easy Distance tumblr for your mostly daily bits of randomness from Japan.

Until two weeks from now…

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