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“can I use your computer?”

Well hello there.

So yeah, that took a little longer than expected but my computer is up and running again with full access to all the wonderful media that you have (probably not) come to expect on my site.

That being said, I will hopefully be back to a regular posting schedule (three times a week) with new Lessons Learned, Cooking in the Shower, Love & Travel, and finally just funny / interesting stuff about Japan with Open Kimono.

Please forgive my extended absence as it was slightly beyond my control.

The ghosts of Steve Jobs and Christmas past conspired to cause a massive malfunction in my solid state drive and logic board, requiring 4 separate trips to the Apple Store and a whopping $800 dollar bill.

Special thanks to Sarah Brown Sensei and her Japanese skills who argued on my behalf with the Apple Store to fix my computer for free. Because of Sarah and her insistence at my insistence, all it cost me to get my computer fixed was $36 dollars in train fare, $8 dollars at Subway and $5 at Yoshinoya (which is now a personal favorite).

As for my fully functional Kurt Russell robot from Big Trouble Little China, well, it looked stupid. I am swapping it out in favor of a fully automated AI Jack Nicholson robot from the Shining.

Alternate captions for the above photo included but were not limited to:
“I’m baaaaaaaack!”
“I smell bacon.”
“Your door appears to be malfunctioning.”

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One comment on “Easy Distance – Site News

  1. […] after actually reading The Shining, I have decided NOT to construct a life size cyborg version of Jack Torrance. However, I am going to use my now ample free time to switch hosts for my website this weekend. […]

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