Easy Distance – Site News

A bit of Brian Williams here but I have some news.

It’s not like this website is getting the same kind of volume as the Facebook or the Twitter but in all fairness I feel a little explanation is owed. In the midst of some redesigns for the website my computer’s drive and logic board decided it would fail. Clearly spiteful of the amount of Powerpoint that was being done on it.

This means two things.

One: I can’t finish watching season 5 of Breaking Bad and if you ruin it for me, I will kill you.

Two: Some design changes, posts and my functioning Jack Burton robot will have to wait.

How long will Easy Distance be down for?

That is a great question. According to the Apple Store in Sendai, at least a month. They said my computer was so old they had to order the parts and have them sent in. I bought my computer in August 2012.

Regardless, I will post what I can from the iPad and other devices that have made me a slave to Big Apple.


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