Easy Distance – Site News

There has been a minor delay in our regular posting schedule… but for good reason.

We are constructing the most awesome, truly unique, advanced Jack Burton Robot the science will have no answer for.


Just kidding.

But seriously… We are going to restructure the site a little bit with separate headings for Open Kimono, Cooking in the Shower, Lessons Learned and a new section called, Love and Travel.

All these changes should take place in the next few weeks or so. You may see some shiny new things to click on and then be disappointed when they don’t go anywhere. Sorry for that. Just be glad that you didn’t unwittingly ignite a holy war between Trekkies and LARPers.

In the mean time, check out our Tumblr page for daily photo posts of Japan and other stuff!! (easydistance.tumblr.com)

Stay on the good road!

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