A Seoul disposition

Editors note: This post will cause you great suffering, it may effect you to your very Seoul. You may even be inconSeoulable after reading this. Here at Easy Distance, we take zero responsibility for blog induced pun and suffering. You’re welcome.

A late night flight out of Osaka can cure you of many things. Paying too much for beer for instance can be cured easily with the short flight from Osaka to Seoul. That is exactly what we did.

Just like Osaka, Incheon airport is a significant distance from the city center. At least an hour train ride depending on if you have to change stations in the city center and connect to the subway, which we did. The train ride was long and fatigue had set in enough that I had begun to rehearse my rendition of, “Seoul Man.” I tried to get Shana to sing it with me but she would not. My performance remained Seoulo. There is also very elaborate system of limo busses from Incheon. Don’t let the name fool you, they are just regular busses. A little more expensive that the train but no transfers.

By the time we had got to our stop in the Myeong-dong area of Seoul it was well past 11pm and we had lost an hour from JST.

I had read that our guest house was up quite a steep hill and the owner recommended taking a taxi from the station exit to the house. We didn’t do this. How steep could it be?

About 5 minutes in, when the street started to get San Francisco-esque with an added dollop of insufferable late night heat and humidity, I realized a taxi would have been prudent. The amount of sweat we were producing was enough to make me feel Seouluable, but we Seouldiered on to the top.

I was told that our room would be unlocked and we could basically check ourselves in. I went to open the door to the room that was reserved for us and lo – there were two Seouls already in that room! After much texting, emailing, checking other doors, standing around in Waiting for Guffman like awkwardness, we settled into 403. The couple in 404 were either illiterate, or have a very laissez-faire attitude towards the order of numbers. Regardless, we had a room and we could change out of our sopping clothes.

Being the Seoulert travelers  we are (solert: So”lert\, a. [L. solers, sollers, -ertis,clever, skillful]. – You may need a thesaurus after this, I sure did) we had a quick change and immediately left to explore the local environs in the hunt for fried chicken.

Two kinds, Sauce & No Sauce

Two kinds, Sauce & No Sauce

You maybe asking your self in a rather Seoulopsist manner, “Fried chicken?! Why on Earth would you be going out for fried chicken in Seoul at 12:30AM?” To which I would indignantly reply, “South Korea has the best fried chicken in the world. The Koreans are Seouly at the top in this regard.” We found a restaurant near our guest house called, “Two Two.” The beer was cold, the chicken was spicy and crisp (literally a whole fried chicken that is just hacked to bits after they fry it, sometimes you get bonus stuff like liver still attached) and quite fulfilling. A total Seoulution for the weary traveller.

With the Seouls of our shoes all worn down we headed back up the hill (on foot again) to catch some shut eye.

Other uses of Seoul rejected for this post:
Seolon – of or pertaining to the Athenian statesman and dictator or minor league baseball team from turn of the century Sacramento.

SeouLP – Standards of Laboratory Practice

Seoulstice – either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator

Seoulenoid – converting fried chicken energy into linear motion via bipedal conveyance.

Dover Seoul – a delicacy to be sure.

Seoulent Green – It’s people.

Seould Out – that’s why we left. I mean we were into before Seoul was cool.

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