Preparing For Japan: A Few Little Things To Be Aware Of

I’m adding this post from a fellow Japan blogger about how to prepare for Japan. Well said, well said.


“How can I prepare for moving to Japan?” asked someone moving to Japan.

“Well, do you have a closet?” asked the guy who lived there.

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, clean it out, and then sleep inside for three months. When you get to Japan you will be ready.”

Yes, mind you, the apartments are small. And that is my first answer for how to prepare for a move to the land of the rising sun. Also, tape your mouth shut and practice communicating in gestures if you can’t speak any Japanese and don’t plan on learning.

And while I do plan to post about some real, honest to God useful advice about how to prepare to come here, I couldn’t help but first make this little tidbit about a few minor things to be aware of.

There are a few little things that will make you go “grr…” (Or stronger…

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