Lessons Learned – New Horizon 1 – Warm Up – Penmanship


This isn’t so much of a lesson plan as it is a way to share a great resource that I stumbled across while creating penmanship worksheets for my 7th grade classes. The 7th grade teacher at one of my schools was complaining that many of the MS Fonts are just too big of a transition from the New Horizon book. Lower case a, g, f, t and uppercase J, T and G all cause problems for ESL students who are just beginning to write.

a - g - t - f are problems for ESL students.

a – g – t – f are problems for ESL students.

I started browsing ESL forums looking for a font that isn’t comic sans or chalkboard but has all the same characteristics when it comes to the problem letters.

I have found it. Its called Print Clearly and its from Blue Vinyl Fonts. If you google Print Clearly, several font archive sites will show up with free downloads for personal use. See below for a full sample. To go along with this font I have created a Powerpoint copy of the standard English notebook lines using Print Clearly. Download here: Penmanship Demo.

Replace fonts, MS Office 2008 PPT.

Replace fonts, MS Office 2008 PPT.

There is one catch with this font. Technically speaking it is not supported in Office Mac 2008. I have to do some funny business to get it to work in Powerpoint and MS Word. It does show up in Text Edit just fine.

For Powerpoint: If it doesn’t show up in your drop down font menu, use the replace fonts function and see if it shows up there. I am able to get Print Clearly to show up and work as long as I do this method.

For MS Word: If the font doesn’t show up in your drop down font menu, open up Text Edit, type one or two sentences of what you need in Print Clearly. Then copy and paste it in to MS Word. You should be able to type the rest of the document with out copy pasting again.

For Printing: If you are an ALT it is likely you will have to put your PPT or DOC on a thumb drive and open it up on a school computer. Make sure you save your file as a PDF or JPG. The school computer will not have the Print Clearly font on it and will default to a standard font like Calibri or Arial which will mess everything up… especially in Powerpoint.

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