Lessons Learned

This will be a series of posts that will cover a range of detailed lesson plans that have been used in the Japanese classroom. All over the internet there are plenty of ideas for lesson plans, work sheets, games, tips and tricks but that is all they are, ideas.

These posts will be detailed schemata of the lessons goals, how they match up with current Japanese text books and what worked and what didn’t. These are “battle” tested and anecdotal suggestions for lesson plans and, if any, the digital materials that accompany those lesson plans. All of my digital materials are original and based on the New Horizon’s 7th, 8th and 9th grade textbooks. There are other text books used by the Japanese school system but they follow the same general format so using my lesson plans and activities will work best with New Horizon but can be adapted for any lesson.

Keep checking the “Lessons Learned” category for more updates.

The assets, ideas and digital media I have posted on line I have are provided free of charge. If you do find yourself using it a lot a donation of any amount would be appreciated. If you are using these I would assume you are a teacher and do not have much to spare like me. I hope these make your life easier.

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