Unintentional Haiku #2 – Not crowded

While not adhering to the strict rules of traditional haiku, the unintentional haiku has its own set of rules. All of these are the result of translations of poorly spoken Japanese by your faithful bloggers. This one follows a 6 8 6 syllabic pattern.

The dead leaves fall before,
this angle over hmm hmm hmm’s.
Stomach is not crowded

You can sense Google’s longing for companionship and yet see that all things are fleeting from any point of view. The fleeting nature of life is precisely why life is beautiful. Bashō would be proud.

The dead tree “leaves” Google feeling alone. It sees from all “angles” (which is an anagram of “angel” as well) and, despite many hits via search engine optimization, finds that its’ inner soul is empty. A “humming” resonance that affirms life in life’s absence as Google is not a sentient self aware being… yet.

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