Some thoughts about air travel…

Occasionally I will post a random collection of thoughts. This is one of those times.

Some Thoughts About Airlines, Airports and Assorted Travel Ideas.

1)   Any international flight that doesn’t have Wi-Fi on it now days isn’t worth the price that I paid for the ticket

2)   When checking multiple bags why is the weight restriction on a per bag basis? If I switch items between my bags so they are all under the 50lb weight limit or for that matter take items out and put them in my carry on THE TOTAL WEIGHT STILL ENDS UP IN THE PLANE!!! Has no one thought this through? I can under stand if I’m checking 2 bags and the total weight that is allowed is 100lbs per passenger regardless of checked or carry-on but a 50 lb limit per bag without a total cap per passenger doesn’t make any sense. if someone in the airline industry could explain this to me it would be greatly appreciated.

3)   Change fees. Seriously. You’re pushing a button. There is no real work involved in changing a flight. The first airline that stops charging change fees will immediately earn a ton of business. The business that they earn will more than likely out weigh what they lose in change fees. This also doesn’t have to be an unreasonable allowance. One change for free per month. For someone who rarely travels the airline will have earned that customer for life. For someone who travels regularly if they are always changing their flights it will still cost them money.

4)            First Class Lottery. How much more likely would be to buy a ticket on an airline where every flight you took you had a chance to get your ticket upgraded to first class via lottery? The terminal would be electric with excitement. It could be a huge thing.

5)            Disorganized Security Entrances. Every airport needs to have 3 lines. Minimum. One for business travelers only. One for families with children, strollers, diaper bags, car seats, and caged children. One for regular travelers. O’Hare maybe terrible to return a car at but they have the security thing figured out. Orlando International Airport security is literally the worst place on Earth.

6)            Why are we still taking our shoes off in security? Seriously.

7)            Outlets in airports being very difficult to come by. Get with the program. People carry twice as many electronics as they used to. Probably 3 times more and there is like 1 outlet in the whole terminal. I can understand not spending the money because its hard to attach additional revenue to adding power strips in to terminals but the airline that does it and takes credit for it will get more business. That’s just science. I have seen some boarding areas that have been upgraded but its not enough. There needs to be more done especially if you’re going to delay my flight for several hours and keep me in terminal using my iPad.

8)            Just give me the whole can of Coke will ya! Some flights its ok, others its not. At the very least be consistent.

9)            More outlets at the seats for USB devices. This is neat and may solve the problem about the lack of chargers in the terminal.

10)          No longer taking complaints by phone is the worst. US Airways and United, I’m looking at you. If you’re getting so many complaints you can’t accomodate the call volume with real people its time to look in to a new business model called, “Not intentionally ripping your customer a new one every chance you get.” I’m not even the type of person to call and complain considering the airport hells I’ve been put through by just about every airline. If your prices for flights are so astronomical like they are today people are going to expect a certain level of service… a web form to register an egregious error by the airline is just “plane” awful.

One comment on “Some thoughts about air travel…

  1. chewtoy says:

    Hear, Hear! Allow USB for networking in airline seats, and you will have better connections as well.

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