Waste not, Want not

As an American I feel like I have done a pretty good job throughout my life of not being wasteful, until I came to Japan. Here I feel like everything I have done was not even close to good enough.

First off, lets talk “gomi.” Gomi is trash in Japanese. Trash day is a whole event here in Japan. First there is separate trash for food, paper, cardboard and the like that they call, “burnable trash.” Recyclables are expected to be cleaned, stripped of their labels, and divided up between plastics (without the caps), glass (divided by their color) and cans. Everything is supposed to be crushed before it goes in to the bin. There are different trash days for the different trash categories.

Hand towels. Everyone carries around a hand towel in Japan. None of the public restrooms have a paper towel dispenser and you’re lucky if there is an electric hand dryer. Talk about not being wasteful. I think about all the waste I see in public restrooms around America in just paper towels alone it makes me a little ill. This is something that I think everyone can adopt.

When it comes to food everything is eaten. Not just are all parts of most animals used but I mean everything on the plate is gone. Not a grain of rice should linger in the bowl. Plus no garbage disposals.

The second hand store. Wow. We got a vacuum (new in the box), a desk, a stand up mirror, a couch, a desk chair, washing machine, refrigerator, rice cooker, fan, sake cup set, and a kitchen prep stand delivered for about $600. Our apartment is all put together aside from of the more western items that we are accustomed to.

I have attached some pictures of our cool new two bedroom condo.

Hope to have internet set up soon so I can post some more updates.

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