Where have all the Kehoes gone?

Well. That was very sudden. My wife and I are on our way to Iwanuma and Sendai to teach English to young Japanese students. We accepted an offer from a Japanese company called “JoyTalk” and our adventure begins. In the span of about 36 hours we prepped and packed for our lives in Japan. Thankfully we were mostly ready to begin with.  It’s now 1:31AM and I am sitting in the International terminal of SFO waiting for a flight to Japan.

Japan? What happened to South Korea?

Well I’ll get into the details of why we are not going to South Korea in a different post.

Instead of getting into why the Koreans refused to let me work in their county I’d like to write about why Japan is awesome.

1) Culture – Japan was actually our first choice and where Shana and I got our first job offer but we turned it down for a couple of reasons. One of them was that they wanted us to get a car to commute to our job. The job we accepted now doesn’t require that. Anime, Monster Movies, Tokyo Gore Police, Karate, Shinto, Samurai, Buddhism, Noh Theatre, Tatami, Kimonos, Tea Ceremony, and much more!!!

2) Food – Sushi. In Japan.

3) Pay – The pay in Japan is actually better than South Korea on an average salary basis but there are not as many perks and the cost of living is higher. For instance we will have to pay for rent in Japan but in Korea rent was paid for by the school. However with our combined salaries we will still be able to save a lot of money.

4) Mt. Fuji – Duh.

5) Learning Japanese – What a cool language. We thought we were going to be learning Korean which would have been cool too but Japanese is equal if not better. Shikata ga nai!

6) The value of what we do – We are actually heading a city that was ravaged by the most recent Tsunami. Hopefully teaching English there will help build a new and better community.

7) Bullet. Trains. – Nuff said.

8) JoyTalk – The company we are contracted with has a very good reputation of taking care of their employees, including paid vacation and sick days and helping us get settled in our new lives in Japan.

9) Japanese Immigration – To get approved for a work visa my wife and I had to answer like 10 questions and be college graduates. No apostilles. No notary public. Just scanned diplomas, passports and some recent photos.

10) Godzilla – Obviously.

So there you have it. 10 Really good reasons why Japan is awesome. I’m sure I could list hundreds more but there is no need.

Sayonara United States of America. Konichiwa Japan!

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