Happy Anniversary at 40,000ft

Happy Anniversary at 40,000ft

This will be a short post. Today we spent no time visiting anything other than the Gatwick Airport in London. We left from the hotel and caught our flight at 11:00AM and back to San Francisco we go.

However today is special because it is actually our first anniversary of our legal wedding. We went to the courthouse in Laguna Hills, CA and were wed by a Justice of the Peace with our witnesses Brian Hall and Joe Haller.

Today our anniversary will be extra long because we are flying back from London to San Francisco. That’s like an extra nine hours or so of celebration. Its really too bad we’ll likely be so exhausted from jet lag by the time we get home that we wont be able to do anything other than go to sleep.

Instead we ordered some very expensive champagne on the plane and had our selves a little toast.

A toast to our marriage.

A toast to our friends and family.

A toast to a successful honeymoon.

A toast to those who were able to read about some of our adventures.

A toast to our future.

A toast to Brian and Julie who are getting married as soon as we get back!

A toast to not being on a plane very soon.

Thanks for reading.


Andrew & Shana

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