A bone to pick…

Prague Day 3 – Ham Chips – Kutna Hora Day Trip – Sedlec Ossuary – Lunch in Kutna Hora – Cathedral Santa Barbara – Wine Tasting – Italian Square – Old Town – Missed Connection – Prague Ballet Festival (Swan Lake)

A guided day trip from Prague to Kutna Hora

We had been enjoying our tours with the company in Prague so far, so we decided to take yet another one of their guided adventures, this time as a day trip to a small city east of Prague named Kutna Hora. The main tourist attraction that brings people here is the Sedlec Ossuary, which is a small church started by Cistercian monks which has since been decorated with the bones of 40,000 people. Sounds interesting right? So we signed up and met our guide David, originally from Budapest, and got on the train.

Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec Ossuary

On our way there we made friends with a couple from Canada also on their honeymoon, Matt and Caroline. Andrew even shared the snack he had purchased at the train station, ham chips. Think Lays with a picture of a sliced ham steak on the bag. Apparently they tasted exactly like ham, I did not have the courage to find out. After another train and a bus ride, we arrived at the church and headed inside where all the bone decoration is located.

Since we had been prepared for the rather morbid decor, the actual site was not as creepy as one might have expected. This was also probably because it was filled with tourists taking pictures. Believe me, if you had been strolling down the small lane and wandered in unknowingly to this church when empty, you would immediately remember “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and run out screaming. The church is very small, so we did not spend a lot of time in the church outside of snapping a few photos and admiring the chandelier made from every bone in the human body, the several display cases of mortal head wounds and the coat of arms made entirely out of bones.



Obviously this experience had worked up everyone’s appetite, so we headed to lunch next, where we had the best Czech food of our trip: roasted pork (Maso), beef goulash and fried cheese. We managed to scarf all this down in about fifteen minutes since we were on a schedule, then grabbed our bus to the Santa Barbara Cathedral. The Cathedral, while gothic, looked much more pristine than most we had seen. The outside was clean and not under scaffolding!

After touring the interior of the church Andrew bought some wine from a stand outside we sipped wine as we walked through the small old town of Kutna Hora to catch our train. Which we just missed. We had an older woman who seemed to be in bad health on the walking tour, so things took longer than the guide was allotted time for. The next train didn’t leave for another hour, so we headed to a pub of course, where David bought us a round “on the tour.”

Kutna Hora from the Cathedral

Kutna Hora from the Cathedral

Finally on our train, we made it back to Prague about thirty minutes before the ballet show we had bought tickets for (excerpts from Swan Lake). It was excellent and Andrew stayed awake! We then headed to an Irish bar next to our hotel where we had decided to meet up with Matt and Caroline. We talked so long we closed the place down, and headed back to the hotel around 2am to rest before our final day in the Czech Republic.

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