The Irish Bank

August 19th 2012, Shana and I spent a day in San Francisco trying to get some last minute things prepped for our trip.  

After dropping of the rental car we had to ride BART into downtown SF.  I thought this would be great preparation for all of the mass transit that we will have to take while we are in Europe.  Here is a short list of things I observed on BART that I think might be unique to SF/OAK

1) A pregnant woman try to sit on her roller board suitcase only to have to slip out from underneath her.
2) A man who vehemently accused the Oakland A’s of murdering his best friend, something for which I quote, “I wont forgivem’ ” while sitting on a bag full of crushed cans.
3) A very nicely dressed man with slacks, polished suits, formal sweater over a button up shirt with tear drop tattoos on his face and the entire left side of his head covered in tattoos.
4) A man grab his crotch and gesture while on the phone.
5) A newly married woman falling asleep immediately after the train departs

Needless to say I’m sure there are a lot of crazies around the world but I think they flock to SF.

First things first, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I wanted to stop at Blondie’s on Powell by the cable car turnaround because they have decent pizza that is relatively cheap and they are never closed.  Only to find out that Blondie’s was closed for at least this afternoon.  Instead Shana and I went to the Irish Bank and had some curried french fries and a terrible irish coffee before making our way to meet Susan and Jim to take us to our airport hotel.

We made a stop for pizza and everything seemed alright with the world.

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